Our Company

COVARSI, or Company of the Victorious Kartika Eka Paksi, is a student company managed by 26 students of SMAN 81 Jakarta class of 2023. This company is engaged in developing creative products by utilising digital technology. Prestasi Junior Indonesia, Citi Foundation, and BASF support our company Company.

Our Vision

To become a company committed to creating and developing creative, environmentally friendly products using digital technology.

Our Mission

Core Values


Our Logo

It symbolizes one’s potential in terms of creativity and intelligence which meaning aligns with our company profile.

It symbolizes sincerity, and intelligence that represents the spirit of our company to produce products that are useful for society and the environment.

Symbolizes our confidence, and courage in making decisions in a team .

Symbolizing friendly and socialist nature. Like this color, we as a company will show a friendly personality and pay attention to moderate social interactions.

A symbol of optimism, and enthusiasm that represents our process of finding new ideas and upholding innovation.

Board of Directors

Davina Andari

President Director

Aqila Jelita

VP of Commercial

Nadira Adhanti

VP of Finance

Raina Reliza

VP of Human Resources Development

Daniel Tirwandez

VP of Production

Areta Bratandari

VP of Public Relations

Our Full Team