Company and Product Launching of COVARSI

Alo, Covriends!

On Monday, May 3, 2021, the COVARSI Student Company Product and Company Launch was held. The event starts at 13.00 WIB until around 14.45 WIB through Zoom Meeting which is also broadcast live via YouTube. The inauguration was attended by several guests, namely Mr. Putoyo H.S., M.Pd as Head of 2nd Region East Jakarta City Education Office, Mr. Drs. Saksono Liliek Susanto, M.Pd. as Supervisor of SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta, Ms. Dra. Niken Irianti, M.Pd. as the Principal of SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta, Ms. Dra. Sundari as Vice Principal of Curriculum, Mr. Resi Yandhi Timosia, S.Pd. as Vice Principal of Student Affairs, Drs. Edi Sukmadi, M.Pd. as Vice Principal of Facilities and Infrastructure, Mrs. Sri Wahyuni, S.T., M.Sc. ​​as Chair of the Committee for SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta, Mr. Albaini Zuhdi, S.Pd. and Mrs. Dra. Tuni Hartiah as the Development Team for SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta, and Ms. Rifqiyati Samhari, S.E., M.S.M., Gr. as the Supervisor for COVARSI Student Company.

The event was also attended by Mrs. Puni Ayu Anjungsari as Country Head of Corporate Affairs Citi Indonesia, Mrs. Puspitasari from Citibank Indonesia, Mr. Nico Kiroyan as Deputy Executive Director of Prestasi Junior Indonesia, and Mrs. Utami Anita Herawati as Program Manager of Prestasi Junior Indonesia. Not to forget, the event was attended by the teachers, parents of students, and students of SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta.

The event started with singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and an opening prayer. Then, the event continued with remarks from Mr. Resi, Mr. Nico, Mr. Saksono, and Mr. Putoyo. Next, the Board of Directors presented the company and product of COVARSI Student Company. Then, invited guests are invited to ask questions to the BoD.

COVARSI Student Company was inaugurated by Mr. Resi Yandhi Timosia as Vice Principal for Student Affairs at SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta, Mr. Nico Kiroyan as Deputy Executive Director of Prestasi Junior Indonesia, and Davina Andari Putri as President Director of COVARSI Student Company.

Mrs. Nahdiana as the Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Education Office also congratulated on the company and product launching of COVARSI Student Company.

The event continued with the notification of the mechanism for selling shares delivered by Josh Marpaung as Finance Manager of COVARSI Student Company. The event ended with a closing prayer by Mr. Mubaidillah, S.Pd.I. and photo session with all participants in the Zoom Meeting.

COVARSI Student Company would like to thank Covriends and invited guests for their participation in the inauguration of COVARSI Student Company products and companies. Covriends can watch the event again via YouTube by clicking here or visiting the COVARSI Student Company YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe, Covriends!

Areta Bratandari
Vice President of Public Relations