COVARSI Gallery: Digital Exhibition and Charity

Alo, Covriends!

Who here joined COVARSI Gallery yesterday? Surely you already know that COVARSI Gallery is a digital exhibition that displays the works of Pineary that have been made by employees of the COVARSI Student Company and several Covriends who were selected in the submission and selection process.

This digital exhibition has been held on August 13-15, 2021, with the price of each ticket only being charged Rp. 10,000.00. Covriends can easily buy tickets at the link and pay via e-wallets such as M-Banking, Shopeepay, OVO, and others. This digital exhibition also displays a form of VR (virtual reality) so it’s cool!

Not just a digital exhibition, but COVARSI Gallery is also a form of fundraising for the COVARSI Student Company’s Corporate Social Responsibilities activities. 4% of each COVARSI Gallery ticket sales will be donated to friends with mental retardation or autism, you know. From this COVARSI Gallery activity, 244 tickets have been sold for a total of IDR 2,440,000. Wow very cool Covriends! COVARSI would like to thank Covriends for participating in this COVARSI Gallery, hopefully it can be useful for all of us!

Nayla Nasyhanda Kiena
Community Relations Manager, Public Relations Department