CSR Funds Handover to Rumah Autis

Alo, Covriends!

Do you still remember Covriends with COVARSI Gallery? COVARSI Gallery is a form of fundraising for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities from COVARSI Student Company. From these activities, COVARSI Student Company succeeded in raising funds amounting to IDR 2,440,000.

On August 20, 2021, COVARSI Student Company held an online meeting as a form of handing over CSR funds to Rumah Autis. The event was attended by representatives of Prestasi Junior Indonesia, Mr. Resi Yandhi Timosia, S.Pd. as Vice Principal for Student Affairs of SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta, Ms. Rifqiyati Samhari, S.E., M.S.M. as the Supervisor of the COVARSI Student Company, and all COVARSI employees.

COVARSI Student Company would like to thank Covriends for participating in purchasing COVARSI Gallery products and tickets. Hopefully the funds that have been donated can help our friends, Covriends!

Areta Bratandari
Vice President of Public Relations